When I began my journey into holistic therapies I knew I wanted to start with Reflexology. I myself have had reflexology treatments and was lucky enough to work in an environment where my company promoted health and wellbeing and as such we had a Reflexologist come into the offices once a month to allow those that wanted to a 20 minute treatment. It was wonderful and I felt the benefits straight away.

During my training I was lucky enough to treat 100 pairs of feet in all shapes/sizes/colours and textures. Each pair told their own unique story. My clients were varied from young to the elderly/ with differing symptoms to those that had no symptoms but needed a relaxation session to re-charge the batteries.

One thing Reflexology can deliver is relaxation and a sense of calm and wellbeing. Even clients that found it hard to relax were surprised to find themselves drifting off into a sea of tranquility. Relaxation has a huge beneficial effect as this provides the body with optimum conditions to heal itself and carry out all its many functions with efficiency.

My 100 cases

During consultation we establish the areas to assist and by talking and questioning we often find out root causes of some of those symptoms, to enhance the treatments some clients implement suggestion recommended during the consultation, these can be taking extra comfort breaks at work, leaving the office for some fresh air, increasing water intake and also self-treating the reflexes on the hands.

I have received wonderful feedback from my client’s one client has been self-treating using hand reflex points to decrease the symptoms from allergies.

Another client has found significant improvement in her foot which had given her years of pain, allowing her to walk more.

The vast majority of clients gave feedback that they felt more relaxed with increased clarity and energy levels.

Our bodies know what it needs in order to heal and maintain good health, in order to assist we need to take time to slow down, de-stress, listen and take appropriate measures even if this means a change in routine.



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