Ah, my two most favourite topics of conversation reflexology and running. I can’t live in beautiful Poole, in Dorset, without loving the great outdoors and exploring all those hidden treasures lying on my doorstep, oh I do like a hill challenge!

I joined a local running club in Poole about a year ago although I have been running for around 30 years, it is a great way to expand your social circle as well as having the support and friendship of others and there is always someone that will keep you company on a run no matter what the weather.

Did you know that having regular reflexology treatments is the perfect complimentary therapy for runners! Not only does it give you time to put those tired feet up and give them a little pampering, but reflexology before and after training has lots of potential benefits.

Do you want to?

  • Run longer without muscle fatigue
  • Assist your body with recovery from soft tissue sprains, tears by relaxing your muscles
  • Or reduce muscle stiffness

Whether you are new to running or an ultra-runner everyone can benefit from:

  • Improved blood and lymph circulation giving you more energy, detoxing and boosting your body’s natural ability to heal.
  • Aids muscle repair and promotes faster recovery from injuries.
  • De-stressing physically and mentally. As reflexology is a holistic therapy holistic incorporating the meaning of Holism treating the whole person not just the symptoms. This allows your body and mind to function more effectively giving greater clarity and concentration.
  • Promotes better sleep, which is great news for anyone overcoming an injury. Your body uses the time in restorative sleep to self-heal.
  • Removes lactic acid, positive findings were recorded in a research by Monash University in Australia that proved reflexology can assist with removing lactic acid in the legs 4 times faster than regular massage.
  • Reflexology can help reduce the effects of life’s stresses especially if you are fitting in lengthy training sessions, allow yourself some active down time and headspace to ensure positive output and visualisation and improve your overall training.

Unsure when to have the reflexology treatment pre or post run, then here is my recommendation:

If you are new to running or run shorter distances then have a reflexology treatment at any time, remembering not to exercise directly after a treatment for at least 12-24 hours. Allowing the body time to adjust and reap the benefits of the treatment.

If you run regularly the best time to have a treatment is 3 days before a run this will allow any contra-actions (side effects) such as headache, tiredness or soreness to pass.

For post-race treatments book in within the first 4 days after the race, this will allow optimum healing as the longer you leave your body in a stressed state the longer the healing process.