Facial Reflexology, Poole, Dorset

Here at Body and Sole, Poole I am delighted to be able to offer Facial Reflexology to my clients – founded by Ziggie Bergman a pioneer in modern Facial Reflexology.

Ziggie is the 2017 Winner of the Association of Reflexologists Award for Excellence and Innovation in modern Facial Reflexology for creating her ageing well programme Zone Face Lift.

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Facial reflexology Poole, Dorset.

About the treatment

A non-invasive treatment, facial reflexology naturally stimulates collagen and elastin from the inside, tightens, plumps, sculpts the neck line, smooths and lifts the face, leaving a glowing complexion after just one treatment. Helps to release emotions held in the face, leaving you looking softer, happier and calm.

I use Zone Face Lift Amethyst Crystal-Infused Elixir with 100% natural ingredients. It hydrates and tightens your skin and has been shown to significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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Facial Reflexology treatment Poole.

Facial Reflexology, in Poole, can also be combined with a foot reflexology treatment giving you the ultimate top to toe experience.